Aires and Graces – Part 2

It seems that I have found yet another perfect spot. This time on the southern coast of Brittany.

If I hadn’t got lost trying to find the Ostrich Farm I may never have seen the coastline at Guidel. A huge expanse of dunes, sloping down to the sandy beaches, rocky coves and crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean. The 10km coastline is a haven for hikers, cyclists and surfers. Nestled in the dunes, halfway between Guidel Plage and Fort Bloque is Fort du Loc’h, built in 1756 to protect Lorient Harbour from the British Navy during the Seven Years War.

Next to the Fort and hidden behind an ugly concrete apartment block is a simple aire, which I  shared with only two other motorhomes. Protected from the Atlantic winds by the apartments and the bramble bushes it is very comfortable and quiet. Except when a fighter jet takes off from the military airbase at Ploemeur, but then you can’t have everything.

By the way, I did find the ostrich farm and had some delicious ostrich fillets for dinner the next day.


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