Sauternes – Open Doors and The Golden Grape

When I lived in France 13 years ago, I discovered the sublime, sweet wine of Sauternes. So it would seem wrong to pass by the region without stopping to pay my respects and pick up a few bottles.

DSCF5476I happen to arrive during a weekend of local events. Portes Ouvertes (Open Doors) is an opportunity to visit all the regions wine producers and taste their products as well as tasting other local products such as foie gras, cheese, duck, honey, Agen prunes and lamproies (a local eel-like fish that swims up the Garonne river from the Atlantic to spawn). There are more than 50 Chateaux and Domaines taking part, but I only manage to visit 4 during my exploration of the area. I find myself walking part of the route with the participants of the second event of the weekend – La Raisin D’Or (The Golden Grape). Today is a cross country race of up to 45 km through the vineyards and along the banks of the River Ciron and tomorrow competitors will take to their bikes for races up to 60 km.

Personally I prefer a more leisurely pace on foot and also so I can taste the local wine without fear of being pulled over by the local Gendarmes and breathalysed. Now, where did I leave the Motorhome?


2 thoughts on “Sauternes – Open Doors and The Golden Grape

  1. paulinew624

    King Henry the first of England is said to have died from a ‘surfeit of lamphrys’ which are the eel like fish. I think I will stick to jellied eels.


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