Colours of the Camargue

For me, the Camargue is all about colour. Here are some of the colours that I think make the region come alive:


Black for the longhorn bulls that take part in the Course Camarguaise and for the annoying mosquitoes that buzz incessantly around your head in the heat of the summer.
Brown for the eagle-eyed buzzards that perch on the telegraph poles and tall cypress trees, for the rich soil and for the little wooden boats that sail the rivers and lakes.
flamingoPink for the elegant flamingos, the flowers of the tamarisk trees, the evening sunsets and the bare skin of the free-spirited naturists who flock to the beaches.
Blue for the clear spring skies, the Mediterranean Sea, the life-giving lakes and the rivers.
Green for the pine trees, the grape vines and the lush grass meadows.
Red for the rosettes of the bulls, the sashes of the raseteurs and the blood spilt during the Hundred Years War.
saltWhite for horses that roam wild, the majestic swans and the cattle chasing egrets, the rice growing in the wet marshland, the salt collected from the pans and the bones of the Saint Marys who arrived by boat from the holy land.


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