The Twizy

Do you dream of owning a cottage in a French hilltop village, with fantastic cliff top views and charming medieval streets?

But are you put off by the possibility of having to carry your freshly baked baguette and bottle of red wine up through the narrow cobbled alleys because your car won’t fit.

Don’t worry.

Your dream can become a reality with a Twizy.

It’s the perfect vehicle for popping to the shops and the local vineyard from your Provencal country house.


No, I haven’t got a job as an advertising executive for Renault. It’s just that while visiting the precariously perched village of Evanos, in the south of France, I happened upon this nifty little car. Well, it’s not really a car, as the 4kw version doesn’t even need a licence. It looks more like a quad bike with a roof. Advertised for two people sitting in tandem, it’s really only practical for one person with shopping. The Twizy is also very eco-friendly as it is electric, so if you do live in a remote hilltop village, ensure you have a reliable electric supply before you buy one.


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