The Oscar Speech

Yes, it’s that time at the end of the road where I need to thank a few people. I’ll try and keep it brief but there are so many people who helped to make this a successful trip that it may take a few pages.


• Firstly, the staff at Countrywide Motorhomes in Poole who managed to match me with the perfect motorhome that met all my requirements and who ensured that it was fit and ready for the road.

• The staff at the Fiat garages in San Sebastian (Spain) and Dreux (France) who helped keep Trixie on the road. Special thanks to mechanic David and his Mum in Dreux for offering me a place to stay while Trixie was awaiting parts.

• The vineyard owners (members of France Passions) across France who allowed me to sleep amongst their vines and to sample their wines.

DSCF5212 - Chalonnes• The Italian Motorhome Association who allowed me to stay with them for free at Viareggio during the Carnevale.

• The staff at the various Tourist Information offices through France, Spain and Italy who provided me with useful information and advice.

• The guides at the various sites I have visited who enthusiastically gave me tours, even when I was the only visitor.

• My fellow motorhome travellers who have offered me friendship along the way.

• The followers of my blog who have supported my writing and corrected my errors.

• Last but by no means least, my family who have always accepted my adventures without question and have supported my explorations at home and away.


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