Heading South for the Winter

On hearing about my grand winter tour of 2014/15, many people have compared me to a migrating bird that flies south as the colder weather creeps into the UK. They’re not far wrong as the climate is much more agreeable on the Mediterranean coast. However, finding winter sun is not my main aim of the trip.

Migrating birds

In truth, I’m a nomad, I like to move from place to place, using all my senses to understand and appreciate even the smallest of villages along the way. I seek out the unusual and try to avoid the well-trodden tourist paths. Food is firmly a focus, and I like nothing more than trying the local delicacies and experimenting with the local products that I find on my route. As I mostly follow the coast, fish and seafood are frequently on my plate, accompanied by delightful wines produced by grapes located on the south facing vineyards. This year port will be the main temptation. I only hope that Portugal has some cheeses to accompany it with the quality to match those of France.

So, if I were a migrating bird, I wonder what type of bird I would be? And where am I headed? I’m not sure exactly, but I’ll know it when I find it.


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