Death by Selfie

I’m not very fond of technology but I’m not a Luddite either. I have a facebook account with a modestly acceptable number of friends and I have this blog with quite a few followers. I’ve even been known to take the odd selfie, though the results are usually pretty rubbish and I don’t bother to distribute it via snapchat.


During my travels in Portugal and Spain it has come to my attention that taking a selfie can actually be fatal. While chatting to a lovely lady in the Tourist Office in Sagres, I learnt of the death of two people at Cabo da Roca, the most westerly point in Europe, in August 2014. Polish parents of two children aged 5 and 6, they had climbed over the wooden barrier at the cliff edge in order to take a selfie with the sheer drop of the cliff behind them. Unfortunately, they lost their footing and fell down the 80m cliff, in clear sight of their now orphaned children.

Then, in November 2014, a young Polish nursing student studying in Seville was taking a selfie on the Triana bridge after a night out in the city. She fell 15ft onto a concrete footing of the bridge and suffered a fatal head injury.

Back in March 2014, a 21 year old Spanish man was trying to take a selfie while posing on top of a stationary train in Southern Spain. Sadly, he came in contact with a live wire, was electrocuted and died.

So before you take another selfie, think about your safety and decide whether that picture is worth the risk.



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