The Legend of the Monk and the Nun

While travelling in Sardinia and Corsica I came upon this story on both of the islands. It goes something like this: Many, many years ago, there was a monk and a nun who fell in love. They planned to run away together but on the day of their elopement they were turned to stone by divine wrath.

This story is in reference to a pair of menhirs. One pair stands close to the isle of St Antioco, by the causeway from mainland Sardinia, while the other pair stands next to the bridge south of Propriano on Corsica. Unfortunately, the directions I had were vague and there were no signs to help me so I failed to find either of the doomed couples.

I did manage to find a lovely site in the fields of Cauria, in southern Corsica, where a handsome pair of menhir statues can be seen as well as many others and an ancient dolmen.


Also, in the hills outside Ajaccio, I climbed a tall stile, rock-hopped two streams and trudged through cow fields to see a lonely menhir statue.


Unfortunately, the most well known site for menhirs in Corsica (Filitosa) is privately owned and was closed while I was visiting.


The Menhirs of Carnac


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