A Nomad at Heart

I have been wandering the world since I was old enough to walk. My parents used to take me on grand tours of Europe by car and when I flew the nest I literally started flying to far flung corners of the globe. I have backpacked through SE Asia, overlanded through East and Southern Africa, and hiked in the footsteps of great European explorers and adventurers.

Mina and Aicha 2For many years I was paid to travel but this meant sticking to a pre-planned itinerary and being followed by a dozen or more paying tourists. Now I travel for my own pleasure and mostly on my own. This means I have to interact with the local people, learning more about their cultures.

Poolside Elephants


I love Africa and the last few years I have ventured through Zambia, Malawi and Uganda. You can read about my African adventures at African Nomad.



DSCF3711One of the most satisfying reasons for travelling is to try new food and drink. The main reason for my tour of Europe by motorhome is to find great gastronomic experiences and to learn more about the regional delicacies. I’m hoping to discover some interesting recipes along the way.


4 thoughts on “A Nomad at Heart

  1. Barry & Margaret Williamson

    There are now far too many motorhomers on the road in Europe; few of them are travellers; few of the travellers are on their own; even fewer of the travellers on their own are women. That makes you outstanding and in more ways than one!

  2. susandalgety


    We found your site via MagBazTravels, and are really interested in your travels. We are on our own journey too, to visit every country in the EU, and food plays a big part of our journey too!
    And Malawi – I have visited there at least twice a year since 2005, for work and to spend time with friends, exploring the country. We go in June this year to celebrate the 90th birthday of our dear friend Homba. I am really interested in your solo travels, the challenges as well as the good bits – and I love your focus on food. We have just spent a couple of months in Greece, and my copy of Vefa’s Kitchen has never been so well used. We have signed up to your blog, so look forward to following your journey.

    Best wishes

    Susan and Nigel

    1. A Nomad Post author

      I’m so glad that you have found my blog. When I decided to tour Europe in a Motorhome I found other people’s blogs really useful and wanted to give something back as well as indulge my passion for writing and for discovering local food and wine. I hope you find my insights useful when you travel and will be updating the spreadsheet of places I’ve stayed overnight as soon as I get home in February. Would love to hear about your experiences in Malawi sometime.


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