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The Painful Price for the Perfect Travel Photo

Last year I wrote about several deaths caused by people taking travel selfies in dangerous situations. Unfortunately, this problem only seems to be getting worse. The Telegraph newspaper reported that last year there were more deaths caused by selfies than by shark attacks and Wikipedia now has a dedicated page to record these incidents.

23 year old British traveller, Zoe Woolmer died while trying to get the ultimate travel photo. She fell as she attempted to climb onto a rock ledge in Kings Canyon, having been encouraged to do so by her tour guide.

kings canyon ledge

Australian student Kristi Kafcaloudis, 24 years old, fell from Trolltunga Rock, a popular photo spot in Norway.


A young Japanese climber, Eri Yunanto, fell into the volcano crater on Mount Merapi while taking photos on the edge with his friends. This incident has prompted the local officials to set up a dedicated selfie platform and hopefully prevent future deaths on the mountain.

Mount Merapi by Deborah Young

Mount Merapi by Deborah Young

Bull running in Spain has always led to casualties and last year, David Gonzalez Lopez , 32, was gored to death while filming the spectacle in Villaseca de la Sagra near Toledo.

bull run

Finally, an engineering student named Prakesh was very unlucky when he posed for a picture on a rock ledge in the Koli Hills in India. The ledge collapsed beneath him and he fell 60ft to his death.

Please don’t risk your life for a photo and please stay away from the edge.