Monthly Archives: September 2017

Goodbye Europe, Hello South America

After 4 wonderful winters travelling around Europe in my motorhome, I have set my sights further afield for 2017/2018.

At Easter, I sold Trixie (my faithful and reliable motorhome) in order to fund a 7 month tour of South America. She is now helping a lovely lady from Lymington and her dog to explore the European Continent.

Whilst in Europe I travelled on my own, this time I will be touring with a group of like-minded travellers in a huge overland truck. There will also be two crew members who will be worrying about which road to take, where we will spend the night and what we should eat for dinner, allowing me to relax, enjoy the views out the window and write about my experiences.

If you want to follow my adventures through South America then you can follow my new blog:

As usual, I will be writing about the unusual places I visit, the interesting people I meet and the delicious food I try.